Ein Kongress am Ende des Universums

Das Raum Schiff Erde ist ein Futurologischer Kongress für Digitale Philosophie, Interaktionsdesign und Netzkultur. Nach den Events RSE10, RSE11 und RSE13 arbeiten wir an einer Trilogie in vier Teilen. Save the Date: 22-Feb-2015.

Was bisher geschah…

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»It is a widely held but a grievously mistaken belief that civil courage finds exercise only in the context of world-shaking events. To the contrary, its most arduous exercise is often in those small contexts in which the challenge is to overcome the fears induced by petty concerns over career, over our relationships to those who appear to have power over us, over whatever may disturb the tranquility of our mundane existence.«

Joseph Weizenbaum in »Computer Power and Human Reason« 1976



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